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Medical Weight Loss at Revive Palm Beach Gardens

From 2017 to 2018, 42.4% of Americans were obese. On top of that, severe obesity increased from 4.7% to 9.2%. Luckily, science shows there is a new way to fight obesity and all the health complications that come with it. Weight loss spa treatment uses cutting-edge peptide therapy to promote long-lasting weight reduction. 

Weight loss is difficult to accomplish without a plan. Even with a plan, it can be hard to do with underlying health complications, like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and diabetes. REVIVE offers a medical weight loss solution to boost slimming down strategies. 

Exercising and eating right can only get individuals struggling with obesity so far. Plus, our obesity peptide therapy treatment and other natural therapies in Palm Beach Gardens have additional health benefits. Don’t struggle with slimming down. Modern science can help keep off weight and lose it effectively.¬†

What Is Medical Weight Loss? 

Medical weight loss is a general term used to describe the process of slimming down with the help of a healthcare professional. A healthcare professional will use their specific medical expertise to help individuals lose weight with a personalized plan. 

There are many different forms of medical weight loss. Some involve more risk than others. The core of these programs is the idea that diet, exercise, and modern medicine can help people lose weight effectively. Either factor alone won’t help a person stay their ideal size. Together they can, though.¬†

Does Natural Medical Weight Loss in Palm Beach Gardens Work? 

Our weight loss spa treatment uses the power of peptide therapy to aid weight reduction naturally. Peptide therapy works by enhancing a person’s natural fat-burning ability. Contrary to other weight loss therapies, it can do this without affecting tissue growth or blood sugar. In turn, it reduces the amount of stored fat held in the body and prevents body fat in general.¬†

One study by the journal, Frontiers in Nutrition, noted that the introduction of a modified peptide resulted in a “rapid reduction in obesity without any adverse effects.” Another study used magnetic and X-ray imagery to show that the same modified peptide greatly decreased fat tissue. Our medical weight loss programs help people lose weight in a safe way, nonintrusive way.¬†

What Is Lipogenesis?

Lipogenesis is when the body accumulates fat. It happens when fatty acids and triglycerides (another way to say fat found in the body) combine in the liver. It also happens in other parts of the body, like the adipose tissue, but not primarily. Glucose, normally found in carbs, is the catalyst to this process. 

Accumulating body fat isn’t bad as a whole. The body uses fat as a place to store energy. But too much fat can lead to health problems and low self-esteem. When a person eats too many carbs it turns into excess fat. Again, obesity can happen because of underlying health issues. It doesn’t mean that a person has a poor diet and isn’t exercising enough.¬†

What Are Peptides? 

Simply put, peptides are a chain of amino acids (organic material that forms proteins). Humans are made up of peptides. This makes peptide therapy a natural weight loss solution. 

When amino acids link together they can form a peptide or a polypeptide (a longer chain). Complex structures of peptides form together to create protein. These peptide chains are the basis of cells, making them the building blocks of all life. 

How Does Peptide Therapy Help People Lose Weight in Palm Beach Gardens? 

Natural Medical Weight Loss vs. Liposuction Worldwide obesity has almost tripled since the ’70s. But modern medicine has evolved with it. Fad diets don’t work, but evidence-based weight loss spa treatment does. Peptide therapy is a natural solution to the complicated problem that is obesity.¬†

There are peptides naturally found in a person’s body that help combat obesity. The combination of peptides used during medical weight loss works its way across multiple pathways. This potent mix of amino acids has been shown to increase energy levels while suppressing appetite.¬†

It does this by interacting with the following hormones: 

  • Leptin – Hormone released by fat cells that helps the body maintain weight¬†
  • Ghrelin – Also known as the hunger hormone¬†
  • Insulin – A hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood (blood sugar levels)¬†

Peptide therapy helps the body regulate these hormones to help with weight problems. The newly-introduced peptides tell the body to do a certain function. An example might be telling the body to produce more peptides. 

Obesity can be described as having a starving brain. The brain thinks the body doesn’t have enough energy/weight even though a person is overweight. It tells the body that it should hold on to more weight (hence energy) even though it makes a person fatter. Those struggling with obesity often feel unbearably hungry after eating a full meal for this reason.¬†

Natural Medical Weight Loss vs. Liposuction 

Liposuction is an invasive procedure that is expensive and can result in health complications. Any surgery can end in a health complication, even if it’s not a major one. The procedure starts with anesthesia. This can be a problem in itself because some have allergic reactions to anesthesia.¬†

After, a doctor will remove excess fat with a surgical syringe or vacuum. This kind of weight loss procedure can go wrong. If a doctor removes excess fat unevenly. A patient’s skin can end up looking bumpy and flappy all at the same time. More seriously, blood loss from botched liposuction can result in death.¬†

Other liposuction risks involve: 

  • Bruising¬†
  • Loss or heightened skin sensation¬†
  • Heart and vein complications¬†
  • Fluid accumulation¬†
  • Infection¬†
  • Permanently discolored skin¬†
  • Unhealed wounds¬†
  • Swelling¬†

Our medical weight loss programs are natural and safe in comparison. No surgery is involved, which means people don’t need to take off work for weeks at a time recuperating. It uses the science of peptides that already exist within nature, so there are fewer side effects if any at all.¬†

A procedure like liposuction doesn’t always end after the first surgery. Loose skin may be a problem. That means more surgery and more money wasted trying to get the same results as our weight loss spa treatments.¬†

Natural Medical Weight Loss vs. Gastric Bands 

Gastric banding involves a surgical procedure where a silicone ring with a balloon is implanted in the upper portion of the stomach. This creates two compartments in the stomach. Normally the stomach has one compartment that fills up with food.

A gastric band makes it so that only the top, smaller portion of the stomach fills up. Food slowly passes through the opening of the silicone ring where it will ultimately get digested. 

Gastric banding goes by a few other names: 

  • Laparoscopic gastric banding (LAGB)
  • Realize band¬†
  • Lap-band¬†
  • Band¬†

A lap-band is supposed to make a person feel less hungry. Make the stomach compartment smaller should, in theory, make a person want to eat less. But what happens when they’re suffering from obesity because of an underlying health problem? Then it’s not so effective. There is also a slew of health complications that can come as a result of weight-loss surgery.¬†

Complications and side effects from gastric band procedures include: 

  • Gastric band slippage¬†
  • Tube malfunction¬†
  • Lap-band erosion¬†
  • Infection¬†
  • Mold growing on the lap-band itself¬†
  • Organ obstruction¬†
  • Heartburn¬†
  • Acid reflux¬†
  • Nausea¬†
  • Vomiting¬†
  • Lack of weight loss

Lap-bands have a high long-term complication rate. Our natural weight loss procedures don’t. People don’t need to risk their lives to be their ideal weight. We offer a weight loss spa treatment in Palm Beach Gardens that boosts a person’s health rather than harming it. Also, it does this without stimulating the production of hormones, like IGF-1.¬†

What Else Does Our Medical Weight Loss Program in Palm Beach Gardens Treat? What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Our program helps with more than just weight loss. When we create an individualized plan, we factor in every part of a person’s health. That way, we can create a strategy that provides a sustainable, permanent solution.¬†

Other benefits of our weight loss therapy programs include: 

  • Cholesterol level regulation¬†
  • Resets metabolism¬†
  • Helps remove fat from the liver¬†
  • Boosts cognitive function¬†
  • Aids cell regeneration¬†
  • Can boost self-esteem¬†

REVIVE Offers Individualized Medical Weight Loss Programs in Palm Beach Gardens 

Peptide therapy is just a portion of how we help people achieve their ideal weight and keep it that way. Nutrition and fitness are a big part of it too. Each person comes to REVIVE with specific needs. that includes dietary needs. 

Our trained team will put together a personalized medical weight loss program that blends old and modern science. Time and time again medical professionals advise patients to eat well and exercise. But saying that is vague and doesn’t boil down to a specific plan. We believe that weight loss is achieved through a lifestyle change. That doesn’t mean it should disrupt a person’s life.¬†

The weight loss spa treatment comes with a specific set of adjustments that can easily be worked into a person’s lifestyle. Whether you’ve just decided to lose weight or have struggled with obesity for years, REVIVE can provide treatment and actionable changes to help you get there. Contact us now to feel great inside and out.¬†


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